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  • Carol Springett

    Hello! I have been a keen sewer all my life and enjoyed making clothes for myself when I was in my teens… (read more)

  • Deborah Gair

    I have been sewing for what seems like most of my life. At around 8/9 years old a teacher introduced… (read more)

  • Victoria Miller

    I have known about patchwork and quilting for a long time but only learned this craft in summer 2020… (read more)

  • Maureen Fulton

    I recently moved to the York area from Cambridge. I have been quilting or making patchwork quilts for… (read more)

  • Teresa Parkins

    I love quilting, stitching, embroidery, dressmaking, cross stitch and knitting. I live on a small island… (read more)

  • Jenni Batten

    Work in a primary school as a teaching assistant. Also help out with the sewing clubs in school which… (read more)

  • Elizabeth Whitehouse

    I grew up in a sewing household and I have sewn all my life: dressmaking, curtains, basic embroidery… (read more)

  • Sarah Bernarde

    As well as quilting, I also do cross stitch and am now learning bobbin lace making. I may one day be… (read more)

  • Kerry Hockham

    I learnt to to knit and sew from a young age, completing my first jumper for my brother at the age of… (read more)

  • Jenna Clements

    My love of craft began in childhood, when my mum taught me how to cross stitch when I was two years… (read more)

  • Maureen Baroni

    I have been sewing since I was 11, starting with the school apron. Learned dressmaking at school but… (read more)

  • Scott Hulland

    Although I have been piecing, creating patchwork and quilting for a number of years I still regard myself… (read more)