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  • Sarah Humphreys

    I am an experienced quilter – having made quilts for nearly 30 years. I was taught to sew by my mother… (read more)

  • Julia Shay

    I have been quilting for about fifteen years, having been taught to knit by my grandmother, and to make… (read more)

  • Jacqueline Goffin

    Hello I am a member of region 9 , All textiles interest me embroidery is my first love and then P&Q… (read more)

  • Joan Fisher

    Hi, I first became interested in textiles in Kuwait where I lived for 12 years. I was invited to a textile… (read more)

  • Rita Cox

    I am quite an old bird of 74, my husband is lovely but I am still working on the training after30 years.… (read more)

  • Pauline Macaulay

    I have been quiltmaking since the late 1970s and am interested in the social history of patchwork and… (read more)