Founder Members' Bursary

Learn new skills or improve the techniques you already like using!

One of the many benefits of being a Quilters Guild member is the opportunity to apply for one of its cash bursaries.

Have you ever wanted take a particular class or workshop but not had the money to do it or are there books or resources you would like to buy to help you develop your patchwork and quilting skills and knowledge? 

If so then please consider applying for the Founder Members bursary which is worth up to £500.  We would encourage anyone who has been a Guild member for over a year to think of putting in an application for this excellent opportunity. 

The form is short and just asks you to identify what you intend to use it for in 50 words plus 3 photos of some of your patchwork and quilting so far.  Remember it is not looking for expertise but your willingness and ideas to develop your skills further.

The guidelines and form can be found through the following link

But hurry as the deadline is 30th June 2019!