Family Connections Exhibition at Festival of Quilts

Jennifer Nathan's quilt


At this year’s Festival of Quilts the Talking Quilts ‘Family Connections’ exhibition will be giving a voice to the quilts on display.

Over the last two years, volunteers across the UK have been recording the stories of quiltmakers. Each interviewee was asked to choose one quilt or quilted item that they have made to talk about. ‘Family Connections’ will highlight some of these stories, featuring extracts from interviews along with the quilts themselves.

Many of the stories captured from across the UK show how our families can influence our quiltmaking. The quilts on display all demonstrate this link, whether it is relations passing on their skills or quilts made with a special person in mind. Volunteers who worked on the Project as interviewers or transcribers, as well as some of those who shared their stories, will be available at the gallery throughout the exhibition.

The Talking Quilts exhibition is twinned with ‘The Quilters’ Guild Collection: Family Connections’ exhibition, which showcases historic quilts that have retained their interesting family stories and, in some cases, are one of several pieces made and kept within the family.