Delays with Membership

Still waiting for your membership card?

Over recent weeks The Guild has been experiencing some serious problems with our IT system and membership database.  This has happened at our busiest time of the year when over half our members renew their membership.  Consequently a large backlog of membership applications and renewals has built up and this will take some weeks to clear.

Please do not worry if your membership renewal payment has not yet been processed or if you have not yet received your membership card.  We are working through this backlog as fast as we can, but our 'Membership Department' consists of one person so it will take some take for Chris to catch up.

If you are attending a Guild event in May, please take your old membership card and explain that you are still  waiting for your new one.  The Regional Co-ordinators are aware of the situation.

One final effect is that until your renewed membership has been uploaded to the web site, you will not be able to access the Members' Area and your page will not be shown in Members Showcase.  There is nothing we can do about this apart from work though our backlog as quickly as we can.

We would like to apologise to all members who have been affected by this problem and ask for your patience.