Susan Smith

I made my first (English paper-pieced hexagonal) quilt over a number of years at boarding school in the 1960s. I enjoyed dressmaking (rather extreme creations) for my 4 daughters, and came back to patchwork and quilting when they grew up, around 1995.
I am fascinated by printed fabrics and love mixing different genres, cultures and eras in my quilts. I was privileged to attend a Cabot conference with Ruth B McDowell, whose work I adore, and her method of piecing, using freezer paper templates, has become my favourite technique, as it enables you to convert almost any idea that comes into your head into a pieceable quilt. I also admire the work of the late Edrica Huws.
I have visited Japan twice, one of which visits involved a large Quilt Show at Yokohama. I find Japanese art captivating, especially their unusual compositions, asymmetry, contrasting of geometric and organic shapes, and the use of blue and brown combinations.
My other interests are folk art of various countries, particularly Scandinavia, English country pottery of the 19th century, and just starting to dabble in mixed media creations but not enough time!
I live in rural Northumberland with my husband, having spent my working life as a hospice doctor.
My inspirations from the past - Lucy Boston, Edrica Huws
My inspirations from the present - Ruth B McDowell, Gwen Marston, Roberta Horton, Stephanie Redfern

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