Lynda McCleery

Retired. Live in Belfast with husband. Children all gone, no dogs or cats. Have loved sewing all my life but have more time now. My first sewing machine was a hand-operated Singer that originally belonged to my grandmother. When this was replaced with an electric machine I arranged for the Singer to go to a women's co-operative in Tanzania. It was part of a much bigger consignment with other machines that did not need electricity. It went with tools to keep them working, needles, scissors etc. I was very pleased about this. I'm now on my fourth machine. The second one eventually wore out and the third one was given to my neice as it was still perfectly serviceable but not as all-singing, all-dancing as my current one. I joined QG and the Northern Ireland Patchwork Guild as I'm far more interested in sewing than any of my friends and I want to tackle new things. In between sewing projects I jump onto my Brompton Electric and scoot off to one of the many cycle routes out of Belfast. I might stop off at my favourite fruit and veg stall and fill up my front bag with apples and broccoli.