Joanne Hendry

I have been quilting since 1996, when I first sewed two or more patches together, although I have been sewing for many more years than that, having learned to sew on the knee of my nana when I was too little to operate the treadle on her singer sewing machine myself. I love sewing, both by machine and by hand. I’m not a perfectionist, I would rather have something completed than wait for everything to be perfect, but I put a lot of love and hard work into my quilts.

I try to keep one machine-made quilt and one hand-made quilt going at any one time, and I either just do 5 minutes here and there, or work on something so long that I forget to eat. I like both traditional and modern quilting, but more than anything I like to stretch the boundaries of what a quilt is. I think quilts are Art (with a capital A) and should be treat as such.

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