Anne Smith

I started patchwork and quilting in 1995 with Jacqui Vallis as my teacher. When my third son was born quilting took a back seat until several years ago when they all started flying the nest.
I mainly make fairly traditional quilts but do like to challenge myself and try new techniques. More modern designs are slowly creeping in. I also embroider and tried my hand at redwork quilts. Knitting and tapestries are also worked on and I do not like to be sitting 'doing nothing' in the evening. This means I usually have several projects on the go at one time and switch depending on circumstances. Like most other people I have unfinished projects, the number of which I am trying to decrease! I am a member of Quercus which is nearby in Sevenoaks. I also host a small sewing group which is not exclusively patchwork and quilting although we all do quilt. This is made up of friends from my other main hobby Gardening.
Sometimes quilting has to come second to the demands of a reasonably large garden, dependent on the time of year and weather.
Now retired, we do travel and of course I usually manage to find quilt shops wherever we go!