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You can direct your donation to The Quilters’ Guild to support all the work of The Guild, supporting and developing quilting UK-wide.

Otherwise you can donate to one of the following:

Young Quilters Project to support our work teaching young people to sew and quilt.
The Quilters' Guild Collection : a donation will support the curation, care and exhibition of the Collection.
Conservation Club to fund the conservation of items in the Quilters' Guild Collection and the purchase of new items for the Collection.
£40 for 40 to celebrate 40 years of The Quilters' Guild

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Boost your subscription/donation by 25p for every £1 you donate.

If you are a current UK Taxpayer and are paying this subscription for yourself, we can reclaim the tax you have paid under the Gift Aid scheme. Please read the declaration below and tick one of the boxes to confirm that you are willing or not, to let us reclaim the tax you have paid or if there has been a change to your circumstances in the event of renewing your membership and you no longer wish The Guild to reclaim the tax.

Please notify The Quilters’ Guild in writing if you change your name or home address.