International Activities & the EQA

Each individual member of the Quilters’ Guild is automatically a member of  the European Quilt Association (EQA).  The aims of the EQA are to promote the knowledge of quilting among the 20 member countries, and to encourage friendship and cooperation between quilters across Europe. 

Embracing the spirit of this ethos, each year the EQA sets a challenge open to all members to enter.  Selected entries are displayed in a gallery at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham and for the following two years will be exhibited at events in many of the other member countries.  

EQA 2020-21 challenge : Recycled Textiles 

Due to the cancellation of 2020 Festival of Quilts this challenge will now take place in 2021 please see revised dates below.  All entries which have already submitted for this challenge will be carried forward.  The selected quilts will now be exhibited at Festival of Quilts 2021.  Let us make this a QGBI exhibition of work to remember in years to come.

The European Quilting Association (EQA) annually invites all Guild members in the 20 countries to make a quilt to a common challenge theme.  A collection of eight quilts from each country will be displayed at the Festival of Quilts alongside similar ones from the other EQA countries.  The whole exhibition will then travel to various exhibition venues in member countries.

This is a wonderful opportunity for QGBI members to experience the thrill of seeing their work exhibited in the prestigious EQA gallery at the FOQ and to be seen by other quilters across Europe for the next 2-3 years.

So how to you climb aboard this challenge?

The theme of the 2021 EQA challenge is Recycled Textiles.  Quilts, inspired by this theme, should be completed by 30 April 2021.  Please send a completed entry form  together with a digital image to by that date.  Quilts can be made using any style (modern, contemporary, art, or traditional) and may use any technique.  The finished quilt must be 40cms wide x 60cms high.

Questions relating to this challenge should be sent to the QGBI International Officer, Brenda Wroe,  at

EQA 2021 Facebook challenge: Picture Exchange 

During the covid-19 pandemic the EQA would like to reach out to its widespread members and promote communication and collaboration across borders, cultures and language barriers. The new quilt challenge will pair quilters from different country to create bi-national teams and ask them to exchange an inspirational picture of their choice and communicate visually to make two small quilt quilts.   Images of ALL the final entries which should be completed by 30 June 2021 will be shared in a virtual exhibition on the EQA FaceBook page after that date in 2021.  So why not connect with others who share your passion for patchwork and quilting during 2021 during this difficult time and maybe form a longer-lasting friendship ??  You do NOT need to communicate in spoken or written words to participate.

Find out more  and register by 31 January 2021 using the entry form  or contact for further information. 

EQA News

The EQA now has 19 members amongst European national guilds. A list of participating member countries can be found here.

The QGBI International Officer role will become vacant in 2021.  It is a stimulating and very rewarding role and the person is responsible for representing and promoting The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles abroad.  If you think you may be interested in volunteering for this role please contact Brenda Wroe at

You can follow EQA  Facebook 

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Houston International Quilt show 28 October-1 November 2020.