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  • Damask, Colour & Collage

    Jane O'Brian talking about the history of Damask as seen in Renaissance art and its influence on her… (read more)

  • Alicia Merrett

    I am a contemporary art quilter, working mainly with the techniques of freehand-cutting and piecing,… (read more)

  • Linda Barlow

    I am currently researching middle aged women's experience of, and attitudes to, their changing identity… (read more)

  • Kate Findlay

    Textile artist, teacher, and general creative person with an interest in techie stuff too. I have become… (read more)

  • Ami James

    My name is Ami and I'm a Quilter & Textile Artist and Area Representative for Region 10. I have a sewing… (read more)

  • Michael Fitchett

    Designer, artist and teacher, exploring graphical and representational images through the medium of… (read more)