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  • Linda Seward

    I have been actively involved in sewing, needlework and handicrafts from a very young age. After graduating… (read more)

  • Maureen Baroni

    I have been sewing since I was 11, starting with the school apron. Learned dressmaking at school but… (read more)

  • Leah Cox

    Originally I'm from the Deep South of the USA - Mississippi, Arkansas, and New Orleans. Then I lived… (read more)

  • Clair Hughes

    Hi. I recently gave up my nursing registration to pursue my patchwork dream fulltime. I have a hubby… (read more)

  • Adrienne Taylor

    I grew up with sewing and patchwork around me and have sewn for many years, I also knit and crochet… (read more)

  • Sheena G Stubbs

    Where to start in all honesty is the big question. I cannot remember a time when I didn't make "things".… (read more)

  • Jo Avery

    I am a quilt teacher and designer with my own studio in Edinburgh, myBearpaw. My quilts appear in a… (read more)

  • Celia Gannicliffe

    I have recently started quilting, I also like knitting, crocheting, dress making, beading and embroidery.… (read more)

  • Jean Baxter

    I have been sewing and piecing since my early teens and, like many other quilters started with English… (read more)

  • Angela Brandon

    I became interested in patchwork years ago and I have only recently returned to sewing. I really like… (read more)