Quilters' Guild Partners

Guild Partners

The Quilters Guild works with a number of partners, bringing benefits to members and providing activities that we could not achieve on our own.

We work with Upper Street Events Ltd. to ensure that the Festival of Quilts is the most exciting quilt show in Europe.

The Guild works in association with ECT Travel who provide tours with quilting themes, providing opportunities for Guild members to travel at discounted rates while Guild funds are supported by commission.

The Guild has images of quilts from The Guild Collection with the Bridgeman Art Library, providing the opportunity for people to use these images worldwide and bringing a contribution to Guild funds.

The Guild works with Vicki Thomas Associates to seek out new ways to use Guild images in order to raise awareness of quilting and The Quilters' Guild, while bringing a contribution to Guild funds.

Many retailers give discount to Guild members on production of their Guild membership card.  Click here to see a list of retailers who give discount.

The Guild is grateful to partners who sponsor our activities in cash or in kind:

Coats Crafts UK sponsors the Young Quilters' Project and their support enables us to do more and better work with young people across the UK.  The Young Quilters' Project is also supported by a grant from the Radcliffe Trust and donations from Guild members.

Bernina sponsors The Quilters' Guild Challenge at Festival of Quilts and supports The Quilters' Guild Collection by sponsoring the purchase of quilts for the Quilters' Guild Collection each year. Bernina also loans five sewing machines to The Quilters' Guild for use in workshops in the Education Room. 

 Brother Sewing Machines loans 12 machines to The Quilters' Guild for use in workshops in the Education Room.  Brother also supply machines for Young Quilters to use in their workshops at Festival of Quilts and The Guild Conference.

York Conservation Trust owns St. Anthony's Hall, which houses the Guild offices.