Conference and AGM 2013

The Conference Team at Nottingham 2013

The 2013 Conference and AGM
was held from 5 - 7 April 2013 on the Jubilee Campus of Nottingham University.

Over 400 members attended and had a hugely enjoyable conference.  Here's what some of them had to say:

"Many thanks for what I think is the best AGM I have been to.  The speakers where inspirational and it was really good to see every one having such a good time.... "

"What I did enjoy so much was the lovely 'local flavour' of the Opening Ceremony of the weekend.  The Morris dancers in their lovely yellow and green patchwork waistcoats, who greeted us as we entered the building was such a surprise. Then to be regaled by 'Robin Hood' accompanied by Maid Marion in full costume really set the scene for a grand weekend. I came away tired....and  inspired, loaded with goodies, both purchased and freebies. The £1 'goody-bags'  did a roaring trade....such a good idea! I purchased some which will turn up as raffle prizes at some future date."

"Thank you and well done to all concerned! Having organised lots of things (though nothing on this scale) I know just how much has to be done, especially behind the scenes, and all of it voluntary. I had a wonderful time, met lots of old friends, really enjoyed Chatsworth.  And the biggest treat for me was the Pacific Northwest talk which I didn’t know about until I read the programme.  Thanks again to you all."